One of the most unique pieces of Girls' Rites is the inter-generational mentor-ship that takes place throughout the program. 


Being Mentored

Each girl is partnered with local woman from the community who has elected to mentor in the program. The most important job of the mentor is to support the girl as she navigates the world. It is the goals of the mentors to be open, inquisitive, dedicated, available, and empathetic. 

"One of the most hope-filled things I’ve done in the past year has been being a mentor (if you can call it that when you’re so darn inspired by your mentee every time you meet) through Girls Rites. These girls. Their stories, their courage, their boldness, their wisdom, their curiosity, their resilience, their way in the world. It’s a force The best part is, we don’t have to wait for them to become leaders. They’re doing it now. In real time. In ways that are authentic to them. I want more of this in my life and in our community and for our world. "
- Melissa St. Claire (2018 Woman Mentor)

Getting to Mentor

Girls who participate in the program are also given the unique opportunity to mentor girls at local middle schools. In the inaugural year of Girls' Rites, student leaders helped to facilitate a group of 15 middle school girls at Lincoln Middle School. Student leaders led discussions and taught lessons on body positivity and healthy relationships. 

"Having the opportunity to mentor at risk girls through an empowerment group at Lincoln middle school was undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences of Girls Rites. We built meaningful connections and created lesson plans which were structured to nurture positive self image."
- Cleo A. (2018 Girl Participant)


Our 2018-2019 Mentors

      Vanessa Schimdt          Alyssa De La Torre

Chris Gaebler             Pam Kilness

Dani Grant            Andrea Russo

Helen Day      Kate Clifford

Katie Fromuth         Leah Kapral 

Linsey Cornish             Jill Alexander 

Katie Layton               Rhonda Barton

Alex Ruiz                     Amy Berkner

Shelley Woll